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If you need elevated work platforms for your commercial business or project in Cairns, why buy when you can hire? We can equip you with everything from scissor lifts and booms to telehandlers. 

Servicing your elevated work platforms can be time-consuming, but it’s critical for keeping your workforce safe. Why not offload the responsibility to us and our Cairns team will keep your equipment professionally maintained.

Sometimes it’s a better business decision to buy rather than hire your elevated work platforms. If you’ve made the decision to buy, check out our range of new and used equipment available in Cairns.

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Equipment Hire, Sales & Maintenance

Do you need an elevated work platform for your commercial project or business?

Don’t want the cost of buying upfront or the hassle of maintenance? At Global Hire & Services, we’ve been selling and hiring out elevated work platforms to customers in Cairns and Far North Queensland since 2010. 

Our mobile service crew also repair and maintain elevated work platforms at our site or yours. They have the ability to perform all servicing from pre-operational and pre-harvest (90 day) inspections; to annual and major inspections (10 years).

So, for hiring, purchasing or maintaining elevated work platforms, call us today or drop in at 13-25 Knight St, Portsmith!

EWP hire at a heritage building restoration

Our Expert Cairns Team

Our local team of dedicated experts in Cairns are available to help you with everything from equipment hire, equipment sales, and technical support. They’re headed up by:

Ryan Creighton

Cairns Sales Director

Ryan began his career in equipment sale and hire in 2004 as a Sales Manager; shortly after moving to Mackay to service the booming mining industry throughout the Bowen Basin. Since 2008, Ryan’s been focused on sales and hire in Cairns and Townsville, looking after customers throughout North Western Queensland. Ryan is here to help you with all things hiring and sales.

Beau Kennedy

Cairns Branch Manager

Beau started in equipment sales and hire in Darwin during 2005. After gaining years of experience in the Northern Territory, Beau joined us at Global Hire & Services in Cairns. It wasn’t long before Beau’s experience and ability to help customers have a great experience shone through, which is why he’s been our Cairns branch manager ever since. Beau and his local support team are here to help you with all your customer service needs.

Call us today for hiring, sales and technical support!

EWP's For Hire

If you need equipment for your site but don’t know exactly what you need, there’s no need to worry. Read on to find out more about some of the most common machinery on any given worksite and how you can use it to the best of your ability.

If you’re still unsure after reading the below don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team to find out what machinery you need to be more efficient on-site for your next project.

A scissor boom lift is a hydraulic platform designed to raise and loser both heavy loads and employees.

 These are best used when you only need to make use of vertical movements. This is due to the lack of a lifting arm, which prevents you from moving the loads horizontally or diagonally through the air.

 Although this is a classic on many working sites, it is a non-versatile solution that is ideal when you only have the simplest movement requirements.

A knuckle boom lift, often known as an “articulating boom lift”, is often used in relatively tight spaces.

A knuckle boom lift has several different joints that can bend and flex along with the needs of the user, allowing you to move people and goods in a much more precise manner than with a scissor lift.

However, a knuckle boom lift requires far more training and expertise to use, making it a less common sight on site.

A straight stick boom lift is one of the more accessible pieces of equipment for a beginner on a working site and is an incredibly efficient tool.

Able to reach extreme heights whilst retaining some sideways movement, stick boom lifts work in a telescopic manner and extend various segments of the lifting arm to reach their full height.

These also require a trained operator, as poor operation may lead to the lift toppling due to the shifted centre of mass.

A spider boom lift, akin to a knuckle boom lift, is designed with several “knuckles” in place to assist with movement.

However, the key difference between the two is that a spider boom lift runs on tracks rather than being propelled by wheels or set on the floor. This means that spider boom lift users have an even greater range of motion than that provided by machinery such as a knuckle boom lift.

For working in difficult terrain that makes certain places hard to reach, you can’t go wrong with a spider boom lift.

Other Equipment Hire

We don’t just have elevated work platforms available for hire. We also have a range of telehandlers and forklifts available now to assist you in even more situations than ever before.

Move heavy and bulky items with ease with our range of heavy duty telehandlers available at out Cairns depot now. 

Our range is extremely strong and versatile, coming in a range of sizes and designs that can handle almost any load easily and safely. 

If you need to hire a telehandler in Cairns, we have what you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Forklifts are extremely common to see on any working site, and they are often used by licenced forklift drivers on many sites. 

Whether you need a 2WD or 4WD for your job, or a compact machine for a workshop or a tough worksite machine, we have the range that will have the ideal machine for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We sell, service and hire out all of our new and used elevated work platforms in Cairns.

Our range of booms include, knuckle booms, stick booms and spider booms; the scissor lifts we offer include electric scissors and rough terrain scissors.

We also supply a range of vertical lifts, telehandlers and specialty EWPs.

Yes. Our qualified service technicians can perform maintenance and repairs at your Cairns worksite or commercial premises.

Call us to schedule a repair; we’ll come and assess your machinery and complete any work required to get it back up and running quickly and safely.

This depends on your situation and how you intend to use the equipment.

Hiring elevated work platforms ensures you always have up to date, well-maintained equipment; it also frees up cashflow to invest elsewhere in your business and you don’t need to worry about selling the equipment when you’re finished with it.

Buying the equipment might be more expensive upfront but can reduce your operating cost over time. Get in touch with our Cairns team for advice tailored to your needs.

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