How Often Should I Book Equipment Servicing?

Whether you’ve had your commercial equipment for one month or several years, it’s important that you manage to book equipment servicing appointments with a professional company.

Are you unsure as to when you need to book your next servicing appointment? 

Follow our guide on how often you should get your equipment serviced and why it’s important.

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How Often Should You Book Equipment Servicing?

There are several factors that determine how often you need to book equipment servicing appointments.

Some factors include:

  • The environment that the equipment is used in
  • How often the equipment is used
  • The nature of the equipment

It’s also important to note that manufacturers always perform a risk assessment before selling their equipment and give you advice on when you should next seek to get the equipment serviced.

If the risks associated with the failure of the equipment are extremely dangerous, then the time between servicing is likely to be shorter. Manufacturer advice will always be in line with Australian health and safety legislation and guidance measures.

Since the nature of the equipment can determine how long you should wait to book your next equipment maintenance appointment, here is some guidance on when to get particular equipment serviced:

Ventilation Systems:

These systems need to be serviced by a professional every 14 months at a minimum to reduce the risk of hazardous substances.

Heavy Lifting Equipment:

Equipment used to lift items usually needs to be serviced on an annual basis. However, the heavy lifting equipment consists of an elevator, make sure to get it serviced every six months or twice annually.

Construction Equipment:

Construction equipment maintenance guidelines vary according to the nature of the equipment. However, vehicle components – such as brake fluid and battery cables – need to be serviced once a month and a more thorough inspection of the vehicle systems needs to take place every six months.

Signs You Need To Get Your Equipment Serviced

Ideally, you should get your equipment serviced enough that professionals can partake in preventative maintenance measures.

However, where equipment problems are left unattended over time, issues become visibly apparent.

Here are some signs that your equipment needs servicing:

  • Heavy equipment is operating with low fluid levels
  • The engine on your equipment keeps stalling
  • Equipment is experiencing significant exhaust problems
  • The exhaust on your equipment is discoloured
  • Strange noises, such as screeching or grinding, are coming from your equipment
  • Warning lights on your equipment dashboard are flashing

Why You Need To Hire A Professional For Your Equipment Servicing

It’s important that you hire a professional such as Global Hire and Services when it comes to maintaining your heavy equipment. This is because a professional can help you keep an effective maintenance schedule by conducting a thorough risk assessment of your equipment.

If you leave problems unattended to or cause damage in trying to fix the problem yourself, you’re likely to experience higher reparation costs than you originally anticipated.

Alternatively, professionals know the correct procedures to follow and can keep your equipment running smoothly. As a result, business owners can benefit from an increased resale value on their equipment and optimal operations.

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