Our Most Popular Access Equipment For Construction

Access to equipment is essential for many construction jobs. It allows workers to safely reach heights that would otherwise be inaccessible, and it can provide a stable platform for working on uneven or sloped surfaces.

In addition, access equipment can be used to transport materials and tools to and from the worksite. While scaffolding is the most common type of access equipment, there are many other options available, each with its own advantages.

Here are some of the popular options available at Global Hire & Services.

Operator In Boom Lift


Any construction job that involves lifting and moving heavy objects will require the use of a boom

Booms allow workers to move materials safely and efficiently, helping to avoid injuries and speed up the construction process. In addition, booms can be used to reach high places, making them essential for jobs that require work to be done at a height.

Booms come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be operated manually or by using a motor. When choosing a boom for a particular job, it’s important to consider the weight of the materials that will be lifted, the height that the boom will need to reach, and the terrain on which the job will be taking place. 

By understanding the different types of booms available, construction workers can make sure that they have the right equipment for the task at hand.

Vertical lifts

Vertical lifts are an essential piece of equipment for many construction jobs. They are used to transport materials and workers to the upper floors of a building under construction.

Vertical lifts can also be used to move heavy equipment, such as generators and air conditioners, up to the roof of a building. In addition, vertical lifts can be used to provide access for window washers and other maintenance workers.

Vertical lifts are safe and efficient, and they can save construction companies a considerable amount of money by reducing the need for scaffolding. As a result, vertical lifts have become an essential piece of equipment for many construction projects.


Also known as an aerial work platform, a scissor lift is a mobile device that allows workers to reach high places with ease. This can be essential for tasks like painting and repairs. Scissor lifts also have the advantage of being very versatile. 

They can be used indoors or outdoors, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs.

In addition, scissor lifts can be fitted with a range of accessories, including personnel baskets and hydraulic lifts. With all of these features, it’s no wonder that scissor lifts are such an important part of the construction industry.


A telehandler is a versatile piece of construction equipment that can be used for a variety of tasks, from moving materials to lifting and placing heavy loads. In addition, telehandlers can be equipped with attachments such as forks or buckets to make them even more versatile.

One of the main advantages of telehandlers is their flexibility. Unlike some other types of construction equipment, telehandlers can be used in a variety of applications. For example, they can be used to move materials around a job site, lift and place heavy loads, or even clear debris.

In addition, telehandlers can be fitted with a variety of attachments to make them even more versatile. For example, forks can be used for moving materials, while buckets can be used for digging or scooping up debris. 

As a result, telehandlers are an essential piece of equipment for any construction job.

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