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Telescopic booms are used in situations requiring aerial work at substantial heights and distances where direct vertical access is not feasible. These booms are particularly useful in construction and maintenance projects, including bridge construction and window cleaning on high-rise structures. The extendable arm allows operators to reach over obstacles, making telescopic booms ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas in urban and industrial environments.

The capacity of telescopic booms can vary widely depending on the model and make. Typically, these machines have a lifting capacity ranging from about 227 kg to over 450 kg. This capacity allows them to safely carry two to three personnel along with their tools and materials to high elevations. It is crucial for operators to consult the specific load capacity data for the model in use to ensure safety and efficiency in their operations.

Telescopic booms contribute significantly to job site safety by providing stable and flexible platforms for workers performing tasks at height. These booms are equipped with safety features such as harness attachment points, guardrails and emergency descent mechanisms, which help prevent falls and injuries. Moreover, the ability to manoeuvre the boom precisely and extend vertically or horizontally allows workers to maintain a safer distance from dangerous areas, such as live electrical wires or unstable structures.

Several industries benefit extensively from the use of telescopic booms, including construction, telecommunications and utilities. In construction, they are indispensable for tasks such as framing, cladding and external decorating. For telecommunications and utilities, telescopic booms are vital for installing, maintaining and repairing overhead lines and other elevated structures.

Telescopic booms are designed to operate on various terrains, including uneven surfaces. Many models are equipped with features that provide stability and mobility in challenging conditions. Additionally, most telescopic booms come with automatic levelling capabilities that adjust the platform to ensure it remains horizontal, providing a safe working environment even on slopes or uneven ground. However, it’s vital to always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding terrain capabilities to avoid accidents and ensure maximum safety.

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