What Jobs Can You Do With Lift Hire?

Many companies across Cairns and Townsville prefer lift hire over purchasing a machine outright. 

From spider booms to telehandlers, diesel stick booms and vertical lifts; hiring a lift instead of buying means you get a choice of cost effective lift options without having to make a major initial investment.

You can also avoid expensive storage and maintenance costs, while benefiting from the expert advice of a lift hire provider to help you choose the right machine for you that perfectly matches the job at hand.

But which kind of tasks is lift hire best suitable for?

Below we have outlined several different jobs that can be done with lift hire. So don’t suffer through the job if you don’t have to- get the right lift and get the job done.

A Blue Lift

Tree Surgery

When you need to remove branches that are encroaching onto properties or impeding energy supply lines, lift hire is often required to get the job done safely and quickly.

You’ll be able use a spider boom to reach the dizzying heights that are unsafe by other methods. Due to the flexibility of the machine and its ability to be accurately positioned on uneven terrain, you can gain access to those high and hard to reach spaces with ease.

Safety Inspections

How can you verify the safety of an area without inspecting it in its entirety? It’s not just buildings that need inspecting. Everything from bridges to airplanes need to be checked by personnel such as safety professionals and engineers.

Lift hire can provide a simple solution, with machines such as scissor lifts offering an ideal option for a raised platform that can facilitate safety inspections.

Film And TV

If you’ve ever wondered how those mind-blowing camera angles in your favourite films or TV programmes are achieved, look no further than machines such as spider booms and diesel stick booms. Production companies use lift hire to give them a different perspective – literally. 

Aerial work platforms offer the opportunity to film from vantage points that only a drone could compete with- but over a longer period of time.

Building Cleaning & Maintenance

Lift hire can provide a solution to cleaners and other repair specialists working at heights. Depending on the building situation they may use a telescopic boom lift or aerial lift.

These machines can hoist professionals to the heights they need to get the job done easily and safely.

Live Event Management

From music concerts to sporting events, the personnel that work on lighting and staging need to reach considerable heights, especially where large arenas and stadiums are concerned.

Lift hire is a cost-effective answer, offering scissor lifts that allows access to parts of the venue such as lighting rigs, scoreboards and other structures. 

Scissor lifts can also be used at live events by security personnel or police to gain a bird’s eye view of the crowd, allowing them to spot when assistance is needed more easily.

Building & Construction

Construction companies typically use aerial work platforms to perform installations, maintenance and repairs in spots that would usually be hard to reach.

Spider booms and telescopic booms are designed for accessing tricky spots on premises for tasks such as piping, HVAC units, wiring and ductwork.

The beauty of lift hire is that construction companies can choose the best machine for a certain job at a certain site, without having to make a massive investment.

Some aerial work platforms can also operate safely on uneven ground, making them ideal for construction projects that are not yet finished.

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