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If you need an elevated work platform in Townsville but would prefer to hire one over purchasing, we’re here to help. We have a fleet of well-maintained equipment for hire including scissor lifts, booms and telehandlers.

Keeping your elevated work platforms running in tip-top condition relies on timely and consistent maintenance. Our Townsville team can keep your equipment running like clockwork with scheduled inspections and servicing.

Looking to keep operating costs down rather than improving cashflow? Buying your equipment outright could be a suitable option over hiring. Our Townsville team can help you with sales and advice.

Townsville Location

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Address: 581 Ingham Road, Bohle, QLD, 4818
Postal Address: PO Box 522 Aitkenvale, QLD 4814

Open 7am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday 
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Hassle-Free Equipment Hire

Looking to hire an elevated work platform such as a scissor lift, boom or telehandler? Does your current elevated platform need repairing or maintaining? At Global Hire & Services, we’ve been helping our Townsville customers buy and hire elevated work platforms for over ten years.

We’re also experts in the repairing and maintenance of elevated work platforms. We schedule and carry out all inspections, servicing and repairs from before your equipment is used, throughout its operational life and before selling it on (if purchased). Our fleet of equipment available for hire is already well-maintained, and we’ll look after it for you throughout the hire period.

For more information on our equipment or to organise a call-out, get in touch with our Townsville team today or drop in at 581 Ingham Rd, Bohle.


Our Townsville Team

Our local Townsville team are available for advice on buying and hiring elevated work platforms; or servicing and repairing your equipment. They’re led by:

Darren Morrison

Townsville Sales Director

Since starting in the equipment hire industry in 1998, Darren has amassed over 20 years of experience selling, hiring and providing advice on equipment. Having worked all across Australia, he’s gained a real understanding of equipment suitability for varying conditions and industries; which he uses to empower his customers decision making. Darren is also a director at Global Hire & Services. Contact Darren for all things hiring and sales in Townsville.

Chris Barnett

Townsville Branch Manager

Since 2006, Chris has been working in the equipment hire industry, amassing an extensive knowledge of equipment and the industry. He began his current role as Townsville Branch Manager in 2011, working closely with customers ever since to provide practical solutions for equipment purchasing and maintenance. For all your customer service needs in Townsville, Chris is your guy!

Get in touch with our Townsville team for hiring, purchasing and maintenance.

Scissor and boom lifts

When you need to access stock or parts at your facility that are at a height, scissor and boom lifts are the perfect solution.

Electric scissor lifts are highly maneuverable aerial platforms that elevate vertically, allowing you to raise workers, materials, tools, stock, and other items to where they need to be. They are a simple and affordable solution that works well in warehouse environments.

Boom lifts are another type of aerial lift that comes with far more flexibility if that is what you require. Using a hydraulic arm, you can elevate people and materials around barriers and obstacles and get to spaces that regular scissor lifts are unable to reach.

There are different kinds of boom lifts available for hire, including:

These are also referred to as articulating boom lifts and are specifically designed for use in tight work environments.

As the name suggests, the hydraulic boom has a “knuckle” that allows operators to move the bucket containing staff or products up, down, side to side and around any objects that might be in the way.

There is also a turntable at the base of the arm that enables you to swivel 360 degrees, giving you a total range of movement.

Global Hire has a range of knuckle boom lifts in different sizes and with various weight ratings to suit different work environments.

When you need to lift workers or materials up and over obstacles, these diesel-powered models are perfect for you.

Stick booms feature a telescopic boom that you can extend horizontally and vertically.

This can be handy in scenarios where the machine itself is blocked by materials or other hazards like a ditch or gully and you need to reach the other side.

You can elevate the bucket to the height required and then extend it past the barrier or hazard.

We have options with telescopic booms that can extend from 14 metres all the way up to 40 metres depending on your requirements.

When you require elevation, but you have space constraints and sensitive flooring, spider booms are your solution.

These compact, mobile machines have been engineered to be light and nimble while still being able to lift heavy loads including people.

These machines also have a narrow profile so they will fit through doorways that other machines would not be able to access.

An example of a time when a spider boom comes in handy would be reaching heights in a school hall or basketball arena with soft flooring and limited access to heavy machinery.

They will also hold their own in most warehouse environments.

Also called telescopic handlers, telehandlers are also compact units except they are built to stand up to the rigours of a construction site or agricultural applications.

The primary use for these machines is transporting goods on pallets through job sites where traditional forklifts would not be up to the task.

They include a telescopic boom that can extend horizontally and vertically, plus heavy-duty wheels and a durable design that can handle the tough stuff.

While forklifts can be essential in many work environments, it makes sense to hire rather than purchase, if you only use them occasionally. 

You can trust that every machine that leaves the Global Hire lot has been comprehensively serviced and inspected for performance and safety, ensuring there will be no downtime.

We have 4WD and 2WD solutions available with a wide range of features for different industries including safety start systems, LED lighting and many other optional extras to suit your needs.

Contact us

For more information or to book a machine from our range, contact Global Hire on (07) 4412 1500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing will vary slightly depending on whether you have a scissor lift, boom or other elevated work platform. Generally, equipment will require a pre-harvest inspection at 90 days, ongoing annual inspections and a major inspection at 10 years. In addition, used equipment will require a pre-operational service to ensure everything’s in safe and working order. For servicing and maintenance in Townsville, contact us at Global Equipment Hire & Services.

Yes. We understand that operational times vary between customers, projects and equipment; which is why we can organise a schedule that works for you. Our mobile maintenance team can be available on any day upon request, including weekends. Contact our Townsville team to organise a service schedule.

Yes. Whether you’re hiring or buying equipment from us, we can deliver to your commercial premises or worksite in Townsville.

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