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Rough Terrain Forklift

Patented self-designed axle & transmission, compact size meet with European standard.

2WD Forklift— Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville
4WD Forklift— Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville


World renowned brands engine for superior performance.

Floating System​

A superior full floating overhead guard is installed with rubber damping instead of the traditional rigid design. This greatly reduces machine vibration and offers a smoother ride over rough terrain and reduces operator fatigue.

Floating-System — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville
Wide-view-Mast — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville

Wide-view Mast

Wide-view mast provides excellent though-the-mast visibility improving the work efficiency and allowing safe operation of the forklift.

High Quality Tyres

Industrial tyres with a wide footprint giving it greater stability and lift capacity in rough work environments.

High Quality Tyres — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville
High Ground Clearance — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville

High Ground Clearance

Offer greater maneuverability and keep the machine moving in the roughest of applications.

Tilting Overhead Guard (4WD)

Equipped as standard with a tilting overhead guard, to ensure easy access to major components for inspection and service.

Tilting Overhead Guard (4WD) — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville
Upward Steering Cylinder (Compact 4WD) — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville

Upward Steering Cylinder (Compact 4WD)

Lay the steering cylinder upward to make the turning radius smaller and rear wheel steering angle bigger.

100% Differential Lock (2WD)

Power shift transmission with jaw type 100% differential lock provides ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surfaces.

100% Differential Lock (2WD) — Equipment Hire Cairns & Townsville

Our Solution, Your Decision

Forklift Hire FAQs

Many businesses find the decision to buy or hire a forklift a difficult one, but asking yourself a few important questions will help you make the right choice.

First, ask yourself how many hours of work per week you’d expect from the forklift. You might work a 38-hour work week, but a forklift will not be operational for all that time – as you’ll need to factor in operator breaks. If you have an existing forklift, keep an eye on its hour meter or arrange a demo forklift to give you an idea of what your needs are.

The second consideration is maintenance. If your business is unable to maintain its own forklift, including Workplace Health and Safety records noting repairs, and if you are unable to operate through machinery breakdowns and servicing, a hire option is more than likely a more feasible choice. When you hire a forklift, you’ll have confidence that the hiring company will take care of maintenance and servicing as needed, saving you time and potentially money in the long run.

The extent of work required will also influence whether you purchase or hire. If you are often needing to move large or heavy items around, a full-time forklift will be a valuable asset to your business. If you need a forklift for a specific project with a set timeframe or deadline, hiring a forklift would make more sense in the long run.

The final point to consider is how you’ll use your forklift. A clean business environment will ensure minimal problems. If, however, your environment is often dusty or very dirty, the forklift will experience more wear and require more maintenance. In this case, a forklift hire option will be better suited to your business circumstances and needs.

If you’re still unsure, give us a call and our friendly team can walk you through your requirements and options to help you make the best choice for your circumstances.

When you’re selecting a forklift, you’ll need to think about its carrying capacity, lifting height, fuel type, tyre specifications, and operator ergonomics.

We recommend you take any forklift for a test drive before you agree to hire and request different specifications if it doesn’t quite fit. Forklift components are able to be customised according to your individual needs or requirements.

Our team at Global Hire & Services can work with you to match your personal and business needs with our fleet, to ensure you get the perfect make and model for your needs.

At Global Hire & Services, we recognise each customer has individual and unique requirements day in and out. This means the cost of hire will largely depend on the forklift you choose, on any specifications or customisations needed, and on the length of the hire agreement.

We proudly offer high-quality rough terrain forklifts guaranteed to satisfy the needs of any business and any worksite.

Get in touch with our friendly team to explore your options and find the forklift that’s right for you and your job.

Yes. Any forklift, or EWP operator requires a particular licence to be able to operate this machinery, and any operator using a pedestrian unit must have proper instruction before they can get to work.

You can obtain a licence by completing a registered training program and undergoing an approved assessment. All units come accompanied by an operation manual, and we recommend you take the time to read this before operating your forklift.

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