Boom Lift Hire Cairns

Today, more people are demanding environmentally friendly equipment. And more municipalities are requiring “green” building for new construction and renovations.

Our line of electric boom lifts feature longer run time, greater uptime and higher productivity. These machines are specifically designed so you have fewer scheduled services, a quieter work area, less dependency on hydraulic oils and zero emissions.

Electric and hybrid knuckle booms aerial lifts let you work inside and out for more flexibility. This line includes articulating and telescopic construction lifts.


Hybrid Knuckle Booms
 30'  Hybrid Kuckle Boom
 34'  Hybrid Kuckle Boom
 38'  Hybrid Kuckle Boom
 50'  Hybrid Kuckle Boom
 60'  Hybrid Kuckle Boom

Benefits of hiring a boom lift

There are many benefits that come with hiring a boom lift. Choosing to hire a boom lift rather than purchase one is a smart choice for small businesses that don’t have the spare budget to make a hefty upfront payment. It also saves you the expense of maintenance, repairs and transportation to each site.

Hiring a boom lift from a reputable provider such as ourselves here at Global Hire & Services also provides you with complete confidence in the quality of your equipment. All of the boom lifts we hire out are regularly tested to be compliant with the necessary regulations and industry standards.

Uses of a hybrid knuckle boom lift

Primarily, boom lifts are used during construction jobs conducted at height. Depending on the boom lift, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re constructed of an arm plus a bucket or platform that is attached to a grounded base. The arm is controlled by a hydraulic lift system, allowing it to extend up and out.

Again, depending on the type of boom lift, they can be used to transport either personnel or goods on a vertical or horizontal axis. This includes extending over obstacles or to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Boom lifts can come equipped with specialist equipment to help you complete a particular job, such as carrying a frame or fragile materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to hire a boom lift you will need the appropriate licence. The licence you need is the High-Risk Work Licence (WP Class). The High-Risk Work Licence can be used across Australia, and prices to acquire the licence vary across the states. The High-Risk Work Licence is acquired following completion of both a practical and theoretical assessment. You may also need to hold a Yellow Card.

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding which boom lift is most suitable for the project you intend to complete. Primarily, the factor to consider when hiring a boom lift is the maximum height you require extension to. At Global Hire & Services, we hire out boom lifts that extend to varying heights, including 30′, 34′, 38′, 50′ and 60′. You should also consider if you need to use the boom lift for a specialist purpose and discuss this with our experts.

This depends on the individual boom lift you hire, but yes – we offer boom lifts that are suitable for use on uneven ground or on rough terrain. This makes them a reliable and safe equipment to hire during projects that have difficult or bumpy terrain. One thing to keep in mind is that boom lifts aren’t as sturdy whilst on an incline; they may be liable to tip. If you need to use an extendable lift on a hill, consult with our team for the best option.

Before hiring a boom lift, you should make sure that you’ve taken everything you need to into consideration. This includes the total height of extension required, whether you have the appropriate licensing and training, and what you intend to transport with the boom lift. It’s also worth considering your budget for the hiring costs and the length of time for which you wish to hire the boom lift.

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