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When are scissor lifts used?

Scissor lifts are used in many industrial and commercial situations. Most commonly, electric scissor lifts are used in order to reach and work higher for personnel and equipment for long periods in the safest manner.

Scissor lifts are a critical upgrade for equipment that would require manual movement and are less safe, such as a ladder. Ascending and descending on the site is easier – especially when moving tools, materials, and more.

What is the capacity of scissor lifts?

The capacity of scissor lifts varies depending on the size of the scissor lift that you hire. The capacity also depends on whether the platform is extended or not; typically, extended platforms have a reduced weight capacity due to the extra pressure being put on the elevating system.

As a standard measurement, a 19′ scissor lift has a platform capacity of 230kg, which is reduced to 120kg when the platform is extended. Additionally, a 40′ scissor lift has a platform capacity of 350kg indoors, 130kg outdoors, and 113kg when the platform is extended.

Using Scissor lifts instead of ladders increases performance for a more productive day.

This type of aerial work platform lift is ideal for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks. Electric scissor lifts have longer runtimes and are usually quieter than diesel models.

Diesel engine powered scissor lifts traverse rough terrain, and the platform lifts plenty of tools and people to the height needed.

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What sizes of scissor lifts are available?

At Global Hire, we have many different sizes of scissor lift available, depending on your needs.

You are able to hire scissor lifts in a variety of heights, from 19′ ranging to 40′. This includes the popular heights 32′ and 38′, which are ideal for many common construction projects around Cairns and Townsville.

There is also a 26′ option available. Click below for more details on our specific models available.


The best way to determine which size of scissor lift you need is to consult a professional, such as someone from the Global Hire team. However, if you wish to try and determine the correct size yourself, you should take into consideration the maximum height that you need to reach throughout your maintenance or construction project. Similarly, you also need to consider the maximum weight of personnel, tools, material or equipment that requires lifting and transportation.

For many companies, hiring a scissor lift from a reputable local company like Global Hire is the more viable option over outright buying. This is because buying a scissor lift requires long-term maintenance and investment, as well as ample storage space that many companies do not have. In contrast, hiring a scissor lift is an excellent short-term solution that does not require lengthy commitment in the form of storage space or ongoing maintenance and costs.

While not all scissor lifts are to be used on dirt terrains, we have a range of scissor lifts available for hire here at Global Hire that are rough terrain scissor lifts, which means that they are suitable for a wide range of terrains, including dirt terrains.

You should have some type of formal training prior to using a scissor lift due to the risks that can arise as a result of incorrect use. Never attempt to operate a scissor lift without being confident that you can do so safely and correctly – not only for the protection of yourself but also for those around you.

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