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Our Vertical Lift Equipment provides a safe, efficient means of working at height in restricted spaces typically encountered in offices, retail stores, hotels, public buildings or crowded industrial aisles.

It’s compact size also makes it ideal for applications such as stock picking and record storage retrieval. Operators simply step onto the platform, drive to the work location and elevate to the desired height. When the job is complete, the lift can be quickly lowered and returned to a convenient storage area

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10' Electric Pop Ups View specification sheet
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10ft Electric Pop Ups

10' Electric Pop Ups

The 10′ Electric Pop Up is suitable for warehouses and small commercial environments. It has a simultaneous lift and drive capability and a Point & Go® navigation system that offers one-hand drive and steering making it easy to operate. The machine has a platform height of 3.05m and a working height of 5.5m metres, making it suitable for compact environments where space is at a premium. The vertical boom is also complete with numerous safety features, such as a self-locking platform, side and front bumpers, strobe lights and a motion alarm to ensure workplace health and safety procedures can be followed with ease.

12ft Electric Manlifts

12' Electric Manlifts

The 12′ Electric Manlift can be used in a wide range of environments including commercial environments such as shopping centres, warehouse facilities and industrial environments to complete facility maintenance. They are used for tasks such as packing or maintenance as they have smooth controls and proportional drive features, so can be operated easily and efficiently. They also boast a 22-hour energy battery cycle so they can be used for multiple shifts without needing to charge, making them suitable for busy environments. At a low weight of 790kg, they can be loaded onto elevators and goods lifts that can withstand its weight. Their electric drive motors ensure they can complete easy turns, allowing them to manoeuvre to and from lifts and other tight spaces easily.
15ft Electric Manlifts

15' Electric Manlifts

The 15′ Electric Manlift is suitable for stock picking and record storage retrieval. The electric midlift needs to be operated by one person and has a rapid lift/lower time of 15-25 seconds. This makes it ideal for environments with shelving as it can manoeuvre between levels with ease. The platform height is a comfortable 4.5m and it has a turning radius of 1.4m, making it ideal for use in compact warehouses. The lift has multiple alarm systems, including an all-motion alarm and a tilt alarm, in addition to a flashing amber beacon, to ensure the highest safety standards are in place whilst the machine is in use.
20ft Electric Manlifts

20' Electric Manlifts

The 20′ Electric Manlift is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments, including warehouses and shopping centres. Its single joystick ensures the electric manlift can be driven easily with one hand. It is also suitable to be used in environments with slightly uneven terrain as it has an automatic porthole protection system. In addition to being simple to drive, this lift is easy to maintain as it has a low-maintenance anodized aluminium mast and automatic power-off battery saver control feature, which helps preserve the life of the battery. The lift is compatible with a number of additional accessories, including a light tube caddy tray, a tool tray, an AC outlet and a security lock, so can be customised to unique preferences.

31' Push Around

31′ Push Around lifts allow users to get closer to overhead work and appliances and are suitable for a wide range of maintenance applications. From general repair work to managing inventory, push around electric lifts eliminate the need for extensive scaffolding or ladders, providing a simple and straightforward solution to height restrictions. The lift is complete with numerous safety features, such as an alarm, to ensure all other employees or workers in a location are aware when the lift is in use. This makes it ideal for use in busy areas. The lift is also easy to drive so operators can quickly and efficiently manoeuvre the lift to where it needs to be, without any difficulty.
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