How to Choose the Right Hire Equipment

If you’re in need of construction equipment hire in Cairns or heavy machinery but you’re not sure where to start, it’s best to go back to the basics and consider what you should really be looking for in the machinery that you hire.

Hiring expensive machinery can cost a significant amount of money for your project, so it’s important to make sure you hire the right machinery the first time around.

Let’s take a look at four key considerations you should make before choosing which hire equipment to opt for.

Equipment for hire at the depot in Cairns

Choose the equipment you are familiar with

It’s important to choose machinery that you know how to handle, or can get professional assistance to operate.

This way, you can ensure your staff are using it properly and you’ll be more able to identify any potential risks or issues.

If this isn’t possible, you might have to increase your overheads to hire specialists who have experience with a particular kind of machine to ensure that it can be used safely and efficiently, or risk opening your project up to delays or unnecessary hazards.

Be mindful of your budget

It’s easy to get carried away, particularly if your budget’s generous. But remember that even the biggest budgets can quickly be emptied by the myriad of costs which any construction project incurs, and machinery hire is just one of many costs you need to factor in.

Consider your budget carefully and make a decision which ensures the equipment you’re hiring is suitable for your project without blowing the budget.

Consider the scale of your operation

When it comes to heavy machinery, bigger isn’t always better.

Before hiring any equipment, consider the scale and scope of your operation and ensure that the machinery you’re hiring is a good fit.

There’s no point hiring more than you need – this will just increase your costs and could potentially make your work less efficient – and equally hiring less power than you need can be just as damaging.

Taking into consideration environmental conditions, such as ground type and weather, should also affect your choice of equipment hire.

Consider the availability of spare parts

Particularly relevant if you’re expecting to be working on a construction project for a long period, consider how easy it will be to access spare parts as well as specialist reparations should the need arise.

The last thing any large-scale construction project needs is to be hampered by delays because essential machinery can’t be repaired in good time.

Ideally, choose machinery with widely available spare parts and line up a specialist in advance of construction to ensure that someone is on hand if you need them.

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