What Equipment Do I Hire To Best Suit My Needs?

Getting started on a large project will require you to carefully consider what equipment you will need – but knowing what each piece does can be tricky. If you are looking to hire from Global Hire & Services, don’t worry. Listed below are the ones we offer for rental and what tasks each piece of equipment is suited for.

Yellow Electric Scissor Lift And Blue Boom Lift

Vertical platform lifts come in a variety of sizes and are used primarily to transport people or items from one level to another. They provide users with a safe and efficient way to work at height, as they’re able to extend or lower the arm controlling the standing platform as they require. The equipment is surrounded by enclosed handlebars which keep the chances of falling minimal.

These pieces of equipment are best used when employees are required to work in small, restricted spaces due to their elongated structures, as they can keep the surrounding walkways accessible. Indoor use within supermarkets and warehouses is commonplace as smaller machines can assist in stocking the top shelves. You may spot them in other public buildings too, such as hotels and offices.

You can download the specification sheets for each one here.

Another kind of elevating platform we offer for hire, electric scissor lifts can also be used as a replacement for ladders for both indoor and outdoor use. They feature two extending arms, which weave together in a zigzag shape.

In comparison to vertical lifts, they have longer platforms, so there will be more room to hold both you and your items. They have four-wheel drive capabilities but, because of this, tend to require larger workspaces which are at no risk of being obstructed.

We have five different sizes with extendable heights from 19 to 40 feet. Larger lifts are suitable for outdoor construction on tall buildings, and it’s best to enquire first with the height of your project to see which model is most appropriate for your needs.

If you are working on rough terrain, a diesel-powered scissor will be your better option. We offer 9 different pieces of equipment of this kind, with the tallest at 53 feet. They are better at moving across rough or challenging ground in outdoor construction sites.

An environmentally-friendly piece of equipment, our knuckle booms release zero emissions and run on a smaller quantity of hydraulic oil. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use if you need to reach an elevated construction site. Similar to a crane, the arm contains a knuckle which provides flexibility to the machine, making it easy for you to reach inaccessible areas or avoid certain obstacles which pose an obstruction. We offer 5 different kinds of knuckle booms, with the tallest at 60 feet.

Diesel-powered knuckle booms are a great alternative for those who want a machine for rough terrain, with 6 options to choose from. The tallest is a phenomenal 125 feet, so it’s perfect for handling mammoth jobs. Make sure to tell us about your intended purpose for the knuckle boom so we can assign you to the correct model.

Stick And Telescopic Booms

Our stick and telescopic booms are very similar to knuckle booms, but have a straight shape ideal for horizontal extendibility and are entirely fueled by diesel. They are appropriate in construction where it is essential to work at a distance e.g., where terrain and obstacles prevent the machinery from getting up close to the structure.

With equipment up to 155 feet tall, you can be assured that stick booms will provide you with the perfect combination of outreach and height. Take a look at our 5 models as well as our singular telescopic boom.

In replacement of large, wheeled engines on the previous options, these zero-emission boom lifts are appropriately named after their spider-like legs, which they use to move around the construction site. Their narrow build and shape allow them easy access through small gaps and gates, and they can even climb slopes if required thanks to their tracked wheel carriage.

Due to its small size, our 20 feet tall spider boom makes a perfect addition to indoor construction work. If you would like to use one for more strenuous outdoor tasks, our 67 feet crawler boom will be ideal.

Other Equipment

If you need lifting vehicles, we can also hire out various telehandlers and forklifts. These can be used to lift objects too difficult for shifting with manpower, and their ease of servicing means you will be able to use them on your construction site without any prolonged routine maintenance.

For advice on which piece of equipment to choose for your job, call us today at Global Hire & Services.

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